About us

LojaBenac Created in 2021, Before Founded LojaBenac we are private supplier since 2009 in china with 12 years of experience supply goods for many parts of the world. The LojaBenac  is a supply chain with dozens of stores spread across the world. We work with the objective of leading the transition of the retail network throughout Latin America, Sout East Asia. To achieve this, we seek to offer everyone the same transparency that we demand from our suppliers and we are committed to the sustainable development of the entire production 

As we are manufacturers, importers and distributors, we can safely say that you will hardly find better prices than ours, especially taking into account the quality and satisfaction that we treat as indispensable for the lasting relationship we aim for with the thousands of customers we acquire daily.

  • All products sold in our e-commerce are ready for delivery.
  • Products are dispatched directly to the address provided at the time of purchase.
  • Deliveries are made via Post Office or Carriers.
  • Products are shipped within 24 hours after payment confirmation.
  • Delivery time will depend on the Post Office in each city.

We combine our experience, tradition and technology to offer specialized technical staff and a highly trained and motivated sales team. Through constant investments, we have modern facilities, a permanent stock and extremely refined logistics

Our focus is on the development and consolidation of reciprocal and long-term partnerships, in addition to having a constant commitment to the success of our clients.


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